About Jeff Greenstein

Jeff Greenstein is an American entrepreneur and private investor based in Seattle, Washington. He is currently the President of YIS Capital, an active philanthropist and passionate dealer and collector in contemporary art. Related to these interests, Jeff is a co-founder of the Greenstein Family Foundation and the Greenstein Lab.

Not All Philanthropies Are Universally Appealing

The combination of massive wealth accumulation and the growing priority of doing good is creating a proliferation of charities addressing a diverse range of issues. In general, this phenomena is encouraging, but we are fooling ourselves if we believe that every charitable situation is overwhelmingly positive for all.

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When a Trip of a Lifetime Takes a Deeper Meaning

Last summer we took the family trip of a lifetime – a safari to Kenya and the Dominican Republic of Congo. The benefit we gained from this journey far exceeded the wonderful pictures, captivating stories and extraordinary family bonding.

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Keeping it Local: Philanthropy Must Start at Home

There will always be global issues and disasters to passionately support on a temporary and permanent basis, but they shouldn’t be at the exclusion of local demands. It is hard to fix the world if someone can’t first fix their own home.

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