The Greenstein Family Foundation is a Seattle-based charitable giving foundation that focuses on driving meaningful change in the core areas of Jewish continuity, community support, medical research, education, and the arts. Through its longterm acts of charitable giving, the Greenstein Family Foundation hopes to inspire others to give to the causes that they feel passionate about. The more you give, the better you feel.

Mission Statement:

The Greenstein Family Foundation’s core mission is to leave the world a little better than it was yesterday, and to inspire others to do the same.


Jewish Continuity

The Greenstein Family Foundation supports causes that promote the preservation of Jewish values for future generations.

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Jewish Community Center of Greater Seattle
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Community Outreach

The Greenstein Family Foundation supports a number of local initiatives in the Seattle area that promote equal access to food, shelter, safety and education.

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Medical Research and Healthcare

Few opportunities afford the transformational and exponential impact that cutting edge medical research and healthcare delivery innovations can provide. Because of this potential to bring about huge change, the Greenstein Family Foundation supports several world-class initiatives in the medical research and healthcare arenas.

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The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that a democracy requires an educated constituency. As our future becomes increasingly complex, we must ensure that our future generations have access to the kind of education that can solve pressing global issues, create tolerance among various beliefs, and afford the opportunity to earn a living and have a bright independent future.

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The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that art is essential for the continued creativity and tolerance of a community. All people should have equal access to artwork that defines the human experience.

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Guiding Principles

Driving Meaningful Change

The Greenstein Family Foundation operates on the belief that large acts of charitable giving can affect more positive exponential change than smaller drops in too many buckets.

Tikkun Olum

The Greenstein Family Foundation supports multiple causes under the guiding principle of Tikkun Olam—a core principle of Judaism defined by acts of kindness performed to make the world a better place.

Equal Access

The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that everyone deserves equal access to food, shelter, safety and education.

Freedom of Expression

The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that everyone should have access to artwork that stimulates creative expression.

With Good Fortune Comes Responsibility

The Greenstein Family Foundation embraces the belief that with good fortune comes responsibility, and our duty as local and global citizens is to help those in need.

Starting At Home

The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that making the world a better place must start at the ground floor, where change is most attainable. As such, the foundation is willing to pursue opportunities to start small with the hope that they will grow, thereby becoming role models for others to emulate.