About the Greenstein Family Foundation

The Greenstein Family Foundation is a Seattle-based charitable giving foundation that focuses on driving meaningful change in the core areas of Jewish continuity, basic community needs, health care, education, and the arts. The Greenstein Family Foundation was formed in 2010 as a continuation and formalization of the philanthropic efforts of its founders, Jeff and Judy Greenstein. Through their long-term acts of charitable giving, the founders, and subsequently the Greenstein Family Foundation, are supportive of the good deeds done by many fellow organizations. Furthermore, when opportunities present themselves, The Greenstein Family Foundation is willing to take a leadership role in unchartered territories.In addition to stimulating change in our core areas of interest, our goal is to inspire others to find and participate in causes about which they are passionate.

Primary Areas of Focus

Jewish Continuity

Jeff Greenstein Jewish Continuity

The Greenstein Family Foundation supports causes that promote the preservation of Jewish values for future generations. This objective emphasizes those organizations and activities that are cross-denominational and concentrate on children and young adults.

Basic Community Needs


The Greenstein Family Foundation supports a number of local initiatives in the Seattle area that promote equal access to food, shelter, safety and education. The Greenstein Family Foundation supports large umbrella organizations pursuing many facets of community care as well as those focused on a very narrow audience. The Greenstein Family Foundation will selectively support international efforts, including disaster relief funds.

Medical Research and Healthcare


Few opportunities afford the transformational and exponential impact that cutting edge medical research and healthcare delivery innovations can provide. Because of this potential to bring about huge change, the Greenstein Family and the Greenstein Family Foundation have and will continue to support world-class initiatives in the medical research and healthcare arenas.


Jeff Greenstein The Arts

The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that a democracy requires an educated constituency. As our future becomes increasingly complex, we must ensure that our future generations have access to the kind of education that can solve pressing global issues, create tolerance among various beliefs, and afford the opportunity to earn a living and have a bright, independent future.



The Greenstein Family Foundation believes that art is essential for the continued creativity and tolerance of a community. All people should have equal access to artwork that defines and enriches the human experience while inspiring and provoking thought.